Juicy girl
4' 11" (149 cm)
110 lbs (50 kg)
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Panties / Underwear

Pink strappy thong Category: Thong | Material: Nylon Size small,bondage/strap like pattern on the back. Cute pink color. Nylon mater and super old. I've had a lot of fun in this pair of underwear now let me make them just right for you! Rhinestone "SEXY" boyshorts Category: Boyshorts | Material: Cotton Size small, super old boyshorts that have rhinestones that say sexy on the front. I've had so much fun in these tight fitting panties you will love when I fill them with all of my juices. "Dancing in the rain" panties Category: Bikini | Material: Cotton These are super small...and old. I've had them since I was 12. These are a bikini style panty, pink with "dancing in the rain" and frogs all over them! These are fun... let me make them for you! Old yellow thong Category: Thong | Material: Nylon Size small, yellow thong that has been worn to perfection. This beauty is old I had in high school and have never stopped wearing old! Purple and pink floral panty Category: Briefs | Material: Nylon Purple with pink floral design. Size small, they are perfect material for soaking up my juices, customize them just they way you want them. Victoria's Secret bikini Category: Bikini | Material: Cotton Had for years, they are even stained by my Pussy! Size xs let me make these cute pair special for you! Whatever you want don't be shy! Blue and pink pantys Category: Briefs | Material: Cotton Kids size large, Cotten blue and pink fullbacks worn to your liking! White and black lace boy shorts Category: Boyshorts | Material: Satin Size small. Silky boy shorts perfect for you! Let me make them to your liking! All orders come with hand written note and vacuum sealed for freshness! Victoria's Secret g-string Category: G-string | Material: Cotton Size small, Victoria's Secret panties that are already worn for a day! Want somethin specific just message me and we will work it out! I am open to most fetishes! You will love my Juicy creamy pussy! Cotton fullbacks Category: Briefs | Material: Cotton Ripped because I have worn them so much! They are one of my favorite pairs! Let me customized them just to your liking! Tell me how you want them and your wish is my command! Gray and pink thong Category: Thong | Material: Cotton How do you want them baby just let me know and your wish is my command. I will cream them up with all my juices and scent for the perfect amount of time u just tell me how you want them ;) let's talk!! Very old thong with old cream! Category: Thong | Material: Cotton Here is an extremely old thong from high school that has been worn to the max! It is one of my first things ever and it still has cream on it from when I last wore it! Let me make these just how you like them!! Message me today let's talk! Blue Full Backs From Victorias Secret Pi Category: Briefs | Material: Cotton Being 10 plus years old, These babies are some of of my favorite pairs to sleep in! I've had these for years! They have given me so much pleasure that's it's now time for me to make someone else happy! Let me make them just how you like them! Getting my creamy Juicy goodness all over them for you to... Old "trouble" Bikini Style Panties Category: Bikini | Material: Cotton These are very special to me because I've had them for about 10+ years! I have worn them so much that they are permanently stained! I love these and now it's time you love them with my beautiful scent on it as well! Let me make them just how you them! Cum pick Juicy! 10 years old "Wanted" Full Backs Category: Hipsters | Material: Cotton I have had these for 15+ years! I have worn them through high school and I am a Milf and still wear them! I have had so many years of pleasure with these babies they are stained to prove it! Let me make these perfect for you to enjoy with and let me help you with the pleasure they have given me for ... Cute Lace Straps Panties Category: Briefs | Material: Sheer / Lace Let me make these cute straps black lace panties to your liking. I love these panties especially to tease my little boy toys in! So I'm always dripping wet when I wear them! I promise you won't be disappointed with my lovely scent and taste! Let me satisfy your desires with these sexy ones! Used me abused Laced Trim Boyshorts Category: Boyshorts | Material: Nylon These have given me so much pleasure over the years riding up my pretty pussy soaking up all my scent and juicy goodness! Let me make them special just for you! Old Ripped Panties Category: Boyshorts | Material: Nylon This pair has been really good to me but it's time for me to part ways and make you happy! These have been abused and worn for years! Best part you can customize them to your liking!! Let me make these special for you! Xx White With Light Floral Pattern And Lace Category: Boyshorts | Material: Cotton These old and stained boyshorts are going to be so good for you to have. Let me make these to your liking even though I have worn them since I was in middle school. I have loved wearing these for years and now its time for your cock and nose to get a try and love them as much as I did Creamed Dirty Blue Lace Thong Category: Thong | Material: Sheer / Lace Let me make this beautiful blue lace thong perfect for your liking!

Shirts / Tops

Juicys Fredrick's of Hollywood Pink bra Category: Bra | Material: Nylon Size 32d bra, pink worn to your liking!

Long Pants

Juicy's Grey leggings Category: Leggings | Material: Cotton Grey leggings from American eagle! Size small they are super soft and comfortable! Can be worn with or without panties! Other request just ask!

Footwear / Legwear

Pink pantyhose like leggings Category: Stockings / Pantyhose | Material: Nylon Pink pantyhose like leggings perfect for a pantyless day. Let all my juices soak into them so you can do as you please. Size small Capri style legging/pantyhose Dirty Smelly Yummy Socks Category: Socks | Material: Cotton White cotton socks that are worn to the max they are stained already, perfect for you! Let me make Them extra smelly by wearing them for a couple days! They are always packed fresh in a vacuum sealed bag, so they arrive as fresh as can be! My cute feet are waiting for you!